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  • Easy ticketing - More pleasure during the event!
  • Easy ticketing - More pleasure during the event!

More than just online ticketing - The presale with diginights

Due to the connection to the platform of diginights.com, numerous event-specific features can be used. From integrated ticket shop to the fully automated website with events delivery incl. presale

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Benefit from the platform

The up to 700,000 visitors / month on diginights are party friendly and inform themselves about new events.

Online Marketing Experts

Our online marketing team increases sales due to re-targeting campaigns, conversion tracking and more

Simple, fast and reliable

Set up your presale and go live within a minute.

Own Ticket Design possible

Upload your own ticket design including sponsors, partner logos etc as PDF.

Several shop designs can be created

For direct integration of the presale on your own or on partner websites.

Accurate Statistics

Detailed statistics on sources, catchment area and time period.

No Contract Duration

Our product will convince you, that’s why we don’t need to work with contract durations or exclusivity agreements.

Best usability when buying with the smartphone

Responsive design optimized for all devices.

Role management without using access data

Further organizers / partners can be added as admins without the need of passing on access data.

Direct sale via your own website

Embed the ticket shop with your own design on your website or partner websites.

Hidden Tickets

Tickets that are only available via direct link for eg sponsors, friends, employees etc. and not publicly available in the ticket shop.

Promoter / Affiliate Program

Convert anyone with a Diginights user account to a promoter of your event. Each of them will work with their own affiliate links and you decide what they get paid per ticket.


Einlasshandling / Ticketscan am Eingang

Diginights Ticketscan App

with your own Smartphone and our free Ticket-Scan App
Recommended for up to 1500 guests
(approx. 600 Guests / hour per Scanner)

More informations

Offline Scan Systeme

Local server system with 10+ scanners for big events and festivals
Recommended for up to 1500 guests
(approx. 600 Guests / hour per Scanner)

Automated admission-systems

Turnstiles with integrated scanner which open only with a valid ticket
Recommendation for 3000 guests
(approx. 1000-1200 pax / h / turnstile)

We love to have successful clientshappy clientshappy clients

Below you will find a selection of our current clients and partners

Diginights Ticketscan App

Easy, straightforward & quick!

FAQ - Most Important Frequently asked questions from promoters

A small selection of frequently asked questions is listed here. For further questions just e-mail or call us.

Further questions you’ll find in our FAQ

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jeweils inkl. aller Abwicklungskosten
0,99 Euro
für Tickets bis 10 Euro

0,99 Euro + 4%
für Tickets ab 10 Euro
1,49 Euro + 4% Individuell

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